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Sue - the Sturdy
In 2006, Mike and I traveled to Ohio for the American Haflinger registry
Annual Spring Sale and member meeting, with no intention of buying any
(more) horses. Toward the end of the sale, though, two yearling fillies went
through, and the bidding was slow. They were two very pretty fillies, with
good size and color, and nearly identical. We figured, hey, they are not
related to our stallion, and gee, they're as alike as two peas in a pod - they
might make a driving pair! So we bid. And won both!

Mara Sue HOF ("Sue") was foaled in 2005 in Ohio. With Alert RWF as
sire, on Merissa WULF
(Almkaiser/Nabucco), who was imported as a filly
from Austria. She was started in harness in 2013, and then was pretty lightly
driven, until we started her up again in 2016. I drove Sue at my trainer's as
well as at home, but she has a more anxious personality and doean't like to
be in strange places without her sister, so she hasn't competed as a single.
We finally were able to put Sue together with her sister, in 2017, as that
dreamed-of pair.

Sue has competed twice as partner with her sister, but because Lorraine is
busy with her massage business, she's not able to be ballast for me to drive a
pair. Instead, Lorraine has fixed her mind on riding Sue, so she's started in
saddle training. Once trained to saddle, Lorraine wants to do Working
Equitation and Dressage with Sue... and possibly mounted archery. Look
out down-range!