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Honey - the Showoff
Honig Biena CRHF ("Honey") was foaled in Feb 2005, in Wisconsin, also by Alert
RWF, out of Herzlieb (Winterstein/Afghan II), who was also Austrian. She'd never
seen her half-sister Sue, before the Auction that we bought them at, but once they got
home, they were joined at the hip, even moving together in the pasture.

We all know what happened in 2008 - Horse prices crashed and nobody was buying
foals. So, we didn't breed our two sisters after all.

In the fullness of time, both were started driving, but life happens, and they were not
used for a few years. After a training refresher, Honey and I competed in dressage and
a few Horse Driving Trials in 2016, as a single.

Then, in 2017, we put them together as a pair with our trainer Roger Cleverly, and
they did beautifully! They competed twice in Horse Driving Trials in 2018, and
achieved dressage scores of 33.3 and 42.8 penalty points!

I took some time off from competition in 2019, but we are currently conditioning
toward getting back in harness. Hopefully, we'll make it to some schooling events, an
HDT or two, and will take Honey to Western States Expo this summer with the
Western Haflinger Association, to do breed demonstrations. (Honey was at the last
WSHE that was held  at CalExpo in 2018, driven by my daughter, Lorraine) Maybe
we'll see you there!

Honey on near-side, hooked as pair with her half-sister, Sue, on the off-side