Alleys Auzzie-(4-1991) (Spencer x Ally NTF [Waro van de Haflingerhoeve])
Holly" was our first Haflinger, purchased to teach Sharon to drive - which she did
in spades. She is our "step-up" driving lesson horse, when students need something a
little more challenging to drive. Of draft type, she consistently out-moves and
out-performs her conformation. Successful at Combined Driving Events in a pair
with "Bieka" in 2002, in 2005, she took Sharon (in her first year of CDE
competition) from Training level to Preliminary in 6 months. They went to the
Colorado Horse Park CDE in August and beat everybody, Welsh and Morgan alike
in all three phases, by an expanding margin. In 2006, we took it a little slower,
competing in Ram Tap, Henry Boyd Memorial, and Shady Oaks CDEs as Single
Preliminary Pony. Though Holly is still loving the challenge, we've decided to retire
her from single pony CDEs. She's our go-to gal for everything from Victorian High
Tea escort-service to California Scurry, to working up the ranch's arena with a
spring-tooth harrow though, so she's far from the Old-Mare's Home!
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Holly - the Heart-Winner